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    The 11,000-square-meter factory district of China's high-end electric towel rack is upgraded
    Time:2017-05-27   Source:SHARNDY.com   Views:21

    For employees to create a happy, comfortable living environment for office, in May of 2017, China's leading high-end electrically heated towel rack "to" its enterprises - SHARNDY Heating Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "think") to new upgrade of the factory, including such as canteen, dormitory, water cooler, the gatehouse, an area of 11000 square meters. New upgrade to the factory, not only appearance level, and functional, convenience, the development of humanism have been effective, every detail reflect "people-oriented" enterprise culture of thought.

    In the new reformation in staff canteen, the geometric pattern of metope is full of design feeling with orange tables and chairs, bright color make whole dining room appears neat and easy and energetic, let every employee can have a pleasant dining environment.

    Between the tea in the administration building after the upgrade also refreshed, concise chairs and tables with the fresh green plants, in this warm fashion small space, employees can free reading, read the newspaper, drink coffee and talk about work, serious office suddenly turned into a relaxed cafe. When the job is tired, rest, all the year round free snack is to let a person feel filar silk touched, everywhere embodies the humanistic concern of the enterprise, for the staff's consistent high praise.

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