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    SHARNDY Yearly Trip
    Time:2017-09-13   Source:SHARNDY.com   Views:111

    SHARNDY Yearly Trip start! All employees enjoied their time at various scenic spot over the country.

    September 7th,management members goes to  Hulunbeir Grassland,the most famous grassland in the world.

    A painting?a paradise?a fairyland?No single word can describe it,let you linger.

    The Great Goat Roast,most special and delicious food in north area of China.

    Baishuiyang Geopark,located at Ningde World Geological Park,own the only Mandarin Duck and Macaque nature reserves of the world.

    Shepan Island famous for its pirate village and cavemen in the history,telling a story of their life and adventures.

    SHARNDY always concern about its employees,pay attention to their welfare,improve personal qualities. SHARNDY just like a big family,all members fight for its better future hands in hands.

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