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Online Canton Fair --SHARNDY new product in live streaming

From: 本站 Author: sharndy Posted: 2020-06-10 15:39:07 View: 286

For the influence of COVID-19, the 127th, Canton Fair will behold online; It’s a totally new trying for buyer and supplier. Online Canton Fair will from 15th, Jun. to 24th, Jun., it’s 10 X 24 hours, buyers can chat with supplier on Canton Fair site. SHARNDY smart towel rail, lighting towel warmer will start them first show during this time.


Heated towel rail with WIFI control

It’s very easy to control the towel rail, down load APP to you phone, then you can setting the work status; the temperature can do from 35 degree to 70 degree, in this status it can be a heater to warm bathroom; another hand, it with timer function also, you can let it work from 1 hour to 12 hours,it’s up to your demands.


Lighting towel warmer

This towel warmer no only dry your towels but also with illumination function, the light can turn on automatically when you go in to  bathroom  at night.


SHARNDY focus on heated towel rack since 2003, we will develop at least one new product every month, search booth NO. 12.1C42 at canton fair site, you will find more products.